Compelling Traditional Folk Song
with Vocal Harmony, Bagpipe and Accordion

Esme Ryder and Anne Marie Summers formed Magpiety in 1998, through a shared interest in harmony singing and the traditional music of their adopted North East.  A large part of their repertoire comes from the Northumbrian Minstrelsy - a book of songs and pipe tunes from 19th century Newcastle.  Magpiety's speciality is vocal harmonies sung to the small-pipes and accordion; though clarinet, hurdy gurdy, medieval bagpipes and recorder also feature. As well as their North-Eastern repertoire, Magpiety have a growing collection of maritime songs, mainly from the woman's perspective. Cross-dressing on the high seas rear its ugly head(!), as well as broken tokens, murder, kidnap and the infamous press gang.

Anne Marie (vocals, bagpipes, clarinet, recorder) is better known on the early music scene as a piper, hurdy-gurdy player and singer in the medieval ensemble Misericordia, and as a piper in The Wendigo and Zephyrus.The medieval influence is very apparent in her choice of harmonies.

Esme (vocals, accordion) has her roots in Welsh chapel music, and this also features strongly in her vocal and harmonic style. She can draw on a lifetime of musical experience, teaching, playing and singing. A backbone of the Northumbrian and Durham folk scene since the seventies, she was a founder member of the vocal trio Ryder Mcculloch Ryder and is musician to several dance sides in the Region.

Magpiety are sometimes joined by Stephen Tyler on hurdy-gurdy and cittern, Frank Lee on melodeon and Phil Tyler on fiddle.

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Listen to the song "Andrew Carr," from CD Pype in an Ivye Leaf